Transport Application

Transport Form:

A formal screening process will be performed by the Transport Coordinator to confirm the accuracy of the information within the application including a background check as executed by the President.

* Indicates Required Field

Date of Application: *  
Name of Applicant: *  
Address: *
City: *  
State: * Zip Code: *
Nearest Big City:*    
Home Phone: *  
Drivers License #:  *  
Drivers License State:  *  
Cell phone #  
E-mail: *
Accessible Interstates:
Distance you could drive one way: (A typical "leg" is 60-90 miles)

Days you can transport: *

Are you available for Short Notice Transports? *

Do you hold a valid driver's license? *

Do you transport for other rescues? If so, which rescue and please provide contact information:

Please explain if there are any restrictions: size of dog, number of dogs, temperament: (sometimes we have requests to add a dog or two to our run. Though our pups are small, it can be any breed requesting to hitch-hike).

What type of Vehicle will you be transporting in? *

Do you own a crate that you could bring with you? *

No other dogs allowed in the transport vehicle. Pls leave your own at home for their safety and the safety of the dogs being transported. Do you understand?

Could you possibly provide Overnight Accommodations? (our long runs are usually on Sat/Sun and an overnight stay is required on Saturday night)? *IF INTERESTED IN LONG-TERM FOSTERING, PLEASE COMPLETE A FOSTER APPLICATION.

Please provide us with two references and their phone numbers.  One of the references must not be related to you.

Any other comments?

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