Rescued Pugs

This page is dedicated to all the pugs we have rescued. Their adoption photos and stories will be placed here as well.

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On January 18, 2018, Micah pug #87-17 was adopted by Larry and Jane of Vermont.

Micah is one of three pug puppies that came in with their mother when they were just 1 1/2 weeks old. We decided to offer these sweet babies to some of our previously approved applicants who had already missed out on other pugs they had wanted to adopt. Larry and Jane are GMPR alums and Micah will join two dog siblings in his new home, including a GMPR pug. We are very excited these puppies are moving on to their forever homes.

Congratulations Larry and Jane!

On January 15, 2018, Bailey & Lilly, pugs #81-17 & 82-17 were adopted by Roxanne of MA.

Bailey & Lilly came to GMPR as a bonded pair that had been used for breeding. Roxanne has a love for the senior dogs and has been involved with “rescue” for many years. This is a wonderful home for this breeding pair to “retire” in and receive all the love and pampering they deserve.

Congratulations to Bailey, Lilly & Roxanne!!

On January 6, 2018, Titan, Pug #75-17 was adopted by Marebeth of Massachusetts.

Titan is excited at the prospect of having people home all day to give him lots of snuggles and cuddles. He will have a new pug sister, 9 year old Teesha Mae to play with. Marebeth recently lost her elderly pug MiMi during a surgical procedure. She has been waiting for another pug to come along and help heal the family. Titan with his over the top pug charm, will be perfect for the job.

Congratulations Titan and Marebeth!!

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