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This page is dedicated to all the pugs we have rescued. Their adoption photos and stories will be placed here as well.

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On February 9, 2020, Lucie, Pug 02-20 was adopted by “Mutt” of New Hampshire.

Lucie is a 6 year old pug that was surrendered due to her aggressiveness to her older pug brother. Lucie is an alpha female and needs to be in a home as an only pug and with no small children as she does not like to share. She does get along with cats. “Mutt” recently lost both his wife and his pug companion and was searching for a female pug to fill the empty spaces. Lucie needed a special home where she could be queen and she has found it with Mutt.

Congratulations Mutt and Lucie!

On February 2, 2020, Peanut, Pug 061-19 was adopted by Wendy and family of Vermont.

Peanut is a 7 year old brindle pug who came to us from the Oswego Animal Shelter. Peanut was seized from a hoarding, neglect situation. She was used for breeding and has produced many litters of puppies. Peanut is very loving in spite of her previous life. Wendy applied almost a year ago, looking for a pug that can be a therapy dog in an elementary school. Peanut is not holding grudges, and loves everyone she meets. We are excited about her pursuing an education and living a full and happy life.

Congratulations Wendy and her family!

On January 30, 2020, Mia, pug #58-19 was adopted by Sarah of Vermont.

Mia is a 7 year old brindle pug who was surrendered in love by her owner, due to personal illness and the inability to properly care for her. Last August a mast cell tumor was diagnosed in Mia's groin area. Her owner was unable to afford surgery so Mia was treated with prednisone and antihistamines until she came into GMPR. The tumor has now been removed and Mia has a positive future ahead. Sarah grew up in a pug family and has been wanting a pug of her own. Mia will have a wonderful life with Sarah and her extended family.

Congratulations Sarah!

On January 23, 2020, Libby, Pug #01-20 was adopted by Dennis of Vermont.

Dennis is a GMPR alumni having adopted an older bonded pug pair, Asia and Kimora, from GMPR 4 years ago. Libby’s previous owner was not able to give her the time and attention that Libby needed and surrender her to GMPR to give her a better life. Dennis is retired and can give Libby the companionship that she craves. Libby is a true velcro pug and wants to be with her person at all times.

Congratulations to Dennis and Libby!

On January 12, 2020, Buster, Pug #60-19 was adopted by Crystal of New York.

Buster is a 7 year old black Pug who came to us from the Oswego Animal Shelter. Buster was seized from a hoarding, neglect situation and stayed in the shelter until the case was resolved. Buster loves people; all people. He gets along with dogs and cats, but prefers human company. Buster is on the smaller side and is the total cuddler and lap pug. Everybody wanted Buster and we had tons of great applicants. We decided on Crystal because she has been waiting two years for a GMPR pug. Buster will have another pug sibling for company.

Congratulations Crystal and Buster!

On January 10, 2020, Stella Rose (formerly Marcy), Pug #62-19 was adopted by Jessica of New York.

Stella is a young female fawn pug of unknown age, but we suspect she is not quite 2. She was rescued from an Amish Puppy Mill in Ohio by the Puppy Mill Rescue Team and transported to GMPR. She has some patella issues and has been spayed, so no more puppies for Stella! Stella joins pug siblings Haley and Sonny.

Congratulations Jessica and Stella!

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