Jleigh Howard Guardian Angel Fund

Can't adopt, but want to help?

Our former President, JLeigh Howard, was GMPR's biggest guardian angel. She poured her heart into fostering some of our neediest Hospice pugs, giving them love and care through their last days until her own untimely death from ovarian cancer. In her honor, we have renamed our guardian page the Jleigh Howard Guardian Angel Fund. You too can be a "Guardian Angel" for one of our "special" pugs for as little as $15 a month. Make a one-time donation or send a monthly payment to help support one of our rescue pugs, and you become a "Guardian Angel". Your name will be posted next to the picture of the pug you wish to help on this page.

You can make donations for a specific pug via Paypal with your credit card or checking account using the buttons provided below or make a generic donation using the buttons to the right. Guardian Angel funds are used for veterinary care, food, treats and toys (in that order). Pugs posted on the "Guardian Angel" page have extensive medical/social needs and are considered long-term rehabilitation candidates.

Guardian Angel- monthly supporters
Joe & Jackie Vezina
Debbie Skillman
Lori Zelenko
Michael Ginnis
Susan Flynn
Elizabeth C Landry
Priscilla DeBree
Deborah Sullivan
Karen Hammes
Christian Leogrande

Meet Dolce Pug #60-18

Back in late September 2018, GMPR was informed of a bonded pair of 11 year old pugs. An individual who had been pet sitting this pair was very concerned about their condition. The owner was unable to give them proper care and they were in pretty rough shape. She was able to convince the owner to surrender them to GMPR. Dolce (black male) and Gabbana (fawn female) arrived in GMPR's care with the help of several Good Samaritans along the way. Both of these sweet pugs had many health issues. Dolce has a permanent head tilt due to chronic ear infections, dry eye, and skin infections. He is blind. Gabby arrived with a raging urinary tract infection, a history of seizures, and severe ear infections. Dolce and Gabby were placed in Foster Care so that we could evaluate and treat their many health issues.

During this time we discovered that Gabby has an aggressive bladder cancer. We decided to place both pugs in our Hospice Program and give them the best possible care until it is time for them to Cross the Bridge. These adorable seniors win the hearts of all who meet them. They are so deserving of the TLC and Love they will receive with their incredible Hospice Mom.

Gabby recently passed away but Dolce is still holding on and has her foster pug friends to keep him company.

Please consider sponsoring Dolce

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