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PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT taking applications for dogs UNDER the age of 6. We have a waiting list for young dogs. If you see a dog under the age of 6, it is NOT AVAILABLE to new apps unless the dog has a label on their bio saying ***OPEN TO NEW APPLICANTS*** then we will accept new applications for that dog only. If there is a particular dog you are interested in adopting, please mark the dog's name anywhere on the application.


Meet Mungo, Pug #53-17

Mungo is a 7 yr old fawn who was surrendered in love because he did not get along with the other dog in the home. Mungo is a big boy at 25 lbs and could benefit from losing a few pounds!! He is house trained and likes to have his human closeby. He loves to go for a walk and is good on leash. Mungo does have limited vision and will need to be on prescription eye drops for the rest of his life, he also has very limited if any hearing due to a history of chronic ear infections. Mungo would do best as an only dog or in a home with just one other laid back dog. No children under 10. Mungo is fully vetted and ready to find his forever home.

Mungo is fostered in Morrisville, VT and his adoption fee is $250.


Meet April, Pug #28-17

April is a 4 1/2 mth old pug mix (we were told poodle/pug). She was surrendered to GMPR when she was 6 weeks old and has been in foster care until old enough to be spayed. April has lots of energy and would enjoy being in a home with another young dog to play with. She still needs work with her house training. As you can see in the photo she loves to get into mischief by running through the grass after it was cut.

April is fostered in Ogdensburg, NY and her adoption fee is $350.


Meet Calypso, Pug #17-48

Calypso is a 10 year old female, fawn pug. She was surrendered to GMPR due to her owner having medical issues preventing them from taking care of her. Calypso is a chubby girl with arthritis from lack of exercise. Her foster is working with her on losing weight. She is not housebroken and is spayed.

An ideal home for Calypso is a quiet home with another senior dog to keep her company. She does not like loud noises so someone that lives alone or a couple would be ideal.

Calypso is fostered in Bellows Falls, Vermont and her adoption fee is $150.


Meet Angel, Pug #47-17

Angel is a 3 year old female, fawn pug. Angel was surrendered to GMPR because her owner passed away and no family members could take care of her. Angel is a sweet girl that loves to snuggle with her humans. She does have a history of skin issues which are under control with a fish and potato diet. She is not fully housebroken due to previous owner training her on pee pads. Her foster is working with her on becoming fully housebroken without pee pads. She is spayed and up-to-date on vaccines.

Angel was not very well socialized or exercised. She is overweight and requires bilateral patella surgery along with palette surgery. She will be scheduled for surgery soon and will require rehab after her surgery. If you would like to donate towards her surgeries and after care, please go to GMPR.org to donate through PayPal.

Angel gets along well with other dogs and children. The ideal home would be with a family that can keep her fit and can work with her dietary restrictions. Regardless of her patella issues, she does love to run and jump to give you kisses!

Angel is fostered in Jericho, Vermont and her adoption fee is $350.


Meet Rainy, Pug #45-17

Rainy is estimated to be from 4-6 years old. Rainy was picked up as a stray by NYC Animal Control. She was emaciated and appeared to have had a litter of puppies not too long ago. We were told by the NYC Animal Shelter that Rainy is a French Bulldog mix. We think she may be a Frenchton (Frenchie/Boston mix) Whatever she is, she is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. Someone whacked her ears off which makes her look like a Pit Bull Dog, but don't let that dissuade you from adopting this adorable, awesome dog. Rainy was neglected terribly by whoever had her and then dumped her. She needs to gain some weight before she can be spayed. Once she is declared healthy enough to spay by our vet, it will be done. Once she is at full body weight, we think she will weigh about 30 to 32 lbs. She is going to be a terrific family dog. She gets along well all dogs and people, although a bit shy at first meeting. She may have been crated excessively, because she does need work on her house training. Otherwise, she is a perfect dog.

Rainy is fostered in Chazy, NY and her adoption fee is $250.


Meet Skittles, Pug #17-44

Skittles is a 12-15 year old female, black pug. This sweet, old girl was surrendered by her family with love. She is up-to-date on her vaccines. Her back legs do not work well so she will soon be using a wheelchair to get around. She gets along well with other dogs and kids.

Skittles is fostered in Graniteville, Vermont and her adoption fee is $150.


Meet Dozie, Pug #17-29

Dozie is a 1 year old male, fawn pug. Dozie was initially surrendered to GMPR due to the family not able to give him the attention he needs then was adopted but returned shortly after due to his hyperactivity. This fun, loving Pug is a very active Pug that enjoys playtime with dogs that can keep up with his energy. He gets along well with dogs, cats and kids. He is currently not housebroken.

The ideal home for Dozie is a home with a fenced in yard where he can run and play with another young dog that can help him burn his energy. The family would need to be home enough to help him with house training.

Dozie is fostered in Latham, NY and his adoption fee is $450.


Meet Gumby, #17-35

Gumby is a 12 year old male Shih Tzu. He came in as a stray with Jax in NYC. He needs to be neutered and must wear a belly band when inside to prevent marking. Other than the marking, he is housetrained. He loves being outside even if it is raining. He gets along well with other dogs and cats. He doesn't see well due to cataracts in both eyes but other than that he is healthy.

Gumby is fostered in West Rutland, Vermont and his adoption fee is $150.


Meet Mya, Pug # 17-31

Mya is an 11 year old female, fawn pug/rat terrier mix. She was a family surrender. The daughters of the family moved away and parents were not allowed by their condo association to keep her. She is spayed and needs a dental but other than that she is ready to find her forever home.

Mya is housetrained and she was good with dogs and kids but was not interested in going to them, just kept a respectful distance. She has no mobility issues and is a sweet girl.

Mya is fostered in White River Junction, Vermont and her adoption fee is $150.


Meet Vinny and Eddie, #17-23 and 17-24.

Vinny and Eddie are 4 year old black Pekingese brothers. They were surrendered due to major changes in the home. They are a bonded pair. They are good with dogs, cats and children. Vinny will need a dental and both will need to be vetted. They are pee pad trained, they do like to go for walks but will generally use the pad for their business. They do not pee and poop anywhere else in their foster home. They were raised being fed home cooked meals and currently won't eat dry kibble. They are tiny but have been well taken care of for their entire lives by one owner.

Vinny and Eddie are being fostered in Brandon, Vermont and their adoption fee is $500.


Meet Plum, Pug # 17-15.

Plum is a 10 year old fawn female pug. She is a sweet girl that suffers from severe skin issues due to a poor diet. Her foster is going to work on her skin issues with a homemade diet. She arrived in Vermont today and we will have more information on Plum as she settles into her foster home.

Plum is fostered in Mendon, Vermont and her adoption fee is $150.

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