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PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT taking applications for dogs UNDER the age of 6. We have a waiting list for young dogs. If you see a dog under the age of 6, it is NOT AVAILABLE to new apps.


Meet Sanai (Sandy), Pug #17-26.

Sanai is an 11 year old female apricot pug. Sanai was surrendered to GMPR due to allergies. Sanai needs to be spayed and vetted. She gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. She is starting to lose her hearing. She is a bit overweight which her foster will work with her on.

Her ideal home would be a family that can keep her active but love to snuggle with her when she naps.

Sanai is fostered in Belmont, Vermont and her adoption fee is $150.


MMeet Bodhi, Pug #17-25.

Brodhi is an 11 year old male fawn pug. He was surrendered to GMPR from Massachusetts. He needs to be neutered and vetted. He is not housebroken but once neutered we hope he can become fully housebroken. He is a sweet boy with his humans and loves to snuggle.

Bodhi is currently fostered in Mendon, Vermont and his adoption fee is $150.


Meet Vinny and Eddie, #17-23 and 17-24.

Vinny and Eddie are 4 year old black Pekingese brothers. They were surrendered due to major changes in the home. They are a bonded pair. They are good with dogs, cats and children. Vinny will need a dental and both will need to be vetted. They are pee pad trained, they do like to go for walks but will generally use the pad for their business. They do not pee and poop anywhere else in their foster home. They were raised being fed home cooked meals and currently won't eat dry kibble. They are tiny but have been well taken care of for their entire lives by one owner.

Vinny and Eddie are being fostered in Brandon, Vermont and their adoption fee is $700.


Meet Bernie, Pug #17-17

Bernie is a 3 month old male pug/poodle puppy who was surrendered with his littermates by a breeder in Lancaster, PA. These puppies were family raised and very friendly. Bernie is the smallest of the male puppies. He has just been neutered and is ready for his new home. Bernie weighs around 5lbs.

Bernie is fostered in Mendon, VT and his adoption fee is $350.


Meet Gabriel, Pug # 17-14.

Gabriel is a 3 year old black male pug. Gabriel was posted on Craigslist for free by the owner. He is completely blind due a possible human induced head trauma he sustained at some point causing major bleeding in his eyes. He is currently on Prednisone and we are hoping he will be able to regain some of his sight. He does get around pretty well regardless of his blindness. He is a sweet boy that gets along well with other dogs, children and cats. He is neutered but not completely housebroken yet.

Gabriel is fostered in Berlin, Vermont and his adoption fee is $350.


Meet Plum, Pug # 17-15.

Plum is a 10 year old fawn female pug. She is a sweet girl that suffers from severe skin issues due to a poor diet. Her foster is going to work on her skin issues with a homemade diet. She arrived in Vermont today and we will have more information on Plum as she settles into her foster home.

Plum is fostered in Brandon, Vermont and her adoption fee is $150.


Meet Duncan, Pug #17-03.

Duncan is a 3 year old male pug mix. He is a beautiful Brindle color with White. He was surrendered to GMPR because his owner had to move and could not take him along. Duncan is neutered. He is not housebroken but his foster is working with him on that. He is nervous at first around new people but warms up quickly and loves you. Duncan is a little trickster, he likes to steal laundry and food if he can reach it.

Duncan is a very active dog who loves to take walks and run around. He would be best suited in a home with another dog that plays well with other dogs and where he can get a lot of exercise since he is so active.

Duncan is being fostered in Westminster, Vermont and his adoption fee is $250.


Meet Gigi, #17-04.

Gigi is an 11 year old, cream Brussels Griffon. She was surrendered by the owner to NYC ACC where GMPR pulled her. She is spayed.

Gigi gets along well with other dogs and dog savvy children. She will chase cats but she is playful with them. She is not completely housebroken but her foster is working with her on that. Gigi loves to go on walks and for an older dog she still has a lot life and energy to her. An ideal home would be a somewhat quiet home with a family that has older children that can take her on walks and play with her.

Gigi is fostered in Randolph, VT and her adoption fee is $150.


Meet Duke, Pug #44-15

Duke is a 7 year old Puggle/Chuggle. His paperwork says he is a puggle (Pug/Beagle cross) but he looks like there is Chug (Pug/Chihuahua cross) in there as well. He is thin and leggy with more of a Chug face. Duke was taken to the vet by his family to be euthanized because he has diabetes and became more than they could take care of. The vet in PA contacted Celebrating Pugs & Pups Rescue and because they are full at the moment, they contacted GMPR. We found that Duke's diabetes had not been controlled. Duke has been fostered with the rescue for over 19 months. His diabetes is more under control with Vetsulin but does have occassional drops in sugar levels but is quickly remediated with some maple syrup. Duke is a very sweet dog and very very smart. He is blind due to cataracts caused by his diabetes, but he gets around extremely well once he learns the lay of the land. He had an eye removed due to a cataract causing him pain.

He is housebroken as long as he sticks to his schedule. Due to his diabetes, he drinks a lot of water so when he has to go then he will go. He does get along with other dogs but does show some personality of an alpha dog. He loves human attention and will be your best friend. Duke is a very loving dog and so worthy of a forever home.

Duke is fostered in Rutland, VT and his adoption fee is $250.

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