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NOTE: If you are interested in applying for Tonto, click Contact us on our page to submit your inquiry and we will provide you next steps.

Meet Tonto Pug 33-20

Tonto is an 11-13 year old fawn male who was surrendered due to a move. Tonto has been neutered and had a full dental. He continues to mark in the house and wears a belly band. He has arthritis in his hips and right knee and will need arthritis medication. Tonto is currently living with Rocco, pug 16-20, with no issues. Tonto would not be good for young children. He does not tolerate handling for treatments and needs to be sedated for veterinary visits. When allowed to be himself, he is a great boy according to his foster mom.

Tonto is fostered in Merrimack, NH and his adoption fee is $200.


Welcome to Vermont – Daisy, #21-27, is a Puppy Mill rescue from Ohio.

Daisy is a 2 year old French Bulldog who flunked out of the breeding program for not producing enough puppies. Daisy was lucky enough to have an owner who took good care of her so other than some internal parasites and the need for a spay, Daisy is in good physical health. Daisy is dog, cat and kid tested and approved. Her foster home makes sure she gets out every few hours and by following this schedule, she has no accidents in the house. She prefers a quiet corner when alone and a warm lap when Mom is sitting on the couch. Daisy sleeps quietly in a large crate at night.

Daisy is currently fostered in Berlin, Vermont and her adoption fee is $400.


NOTE: we are currently not accepting adoption applications for Tabitha as she is still being vetted to determine health status.

Meet Tabitha, 21-028, a 10 year old female Japanese Chin who traveled from Ohio to GMPR.

Tabitha is one lucky girl that a GMPR representative discovered her at a “Flea Market” in Ohio. Tabitha was being sold by a breeder and we were told she was 5 years old. One look into her cloudy eyes and a peek at her rotting teeth and we knew differently. This girl needed to be saved!!! So we paid the price and brought her back East. A vet confirmed that she is more likely 10 years old and has had a very rough life. Tabitha has a significant heart murmur and further testing will be done to see if she can withstand either a dental or a spay.

Tabitha is with a wonderful foster mom who has made a big difference in her life. First item was to give her a bath and remove the encrusted feces from her lovely long hair. Then find a food that Tabitha can eat without pain. Tabitha will have the best of care with her foster mom and is already showing a playful side that is heartwarming to see. Tabitha will remain on Medical Hold until we have a clear understanding of her issues and our ability to fix or mediate them.

Tabitha is fostered in Schenectady, NY and her adoption fee is $200.


NOTE: If you would like to apply for Lana and Westen, please go to the Adoption Application to submit an application.

Introducing Lana and Westen, a senior bonded pair of pugs in need of a new home. They must be adopted as a pair.

Lana, pug 21-29 is a 10 year old fawn female. Westen, pug 21-30 is an 11 year old male. Lana and Westen are owner surrenders. Their family is moving south and they are only allowed one dog in their new apartment.

From their former owner … Lana is a dominate pug, she likes to keep Westen in line and protects him from other dogs, she has no health issues and is up to date on all vaccines and treatments. She has some issues going up and down stairs on occasion, over all she is very fun, playful and alert. Westen has a very sensitive stomach and is up to date on all vaccines and treatments. Both dogs only eat Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food. They get no other food or treats of any kind. When Westen eats something that falls on the floor or outside, he sometimes gets an upset stomach, so we will give him Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Probiotic Gastrointestinal Support Dog Supplement and that always help. Westen is much more active then Lana, he can play all day and they both love to lounge on your lap or hang outdoors in the grass. We've brought them camping several times and they enjoy that. We walk them 3 times a day, but they are pretty flexible about going outdoors to potty. They are potty trained and are very good as long as they are walked consistently. They will make you aware when it's time to eat, the "stare down" occurs. Westen will be your shadow and follow who ever feeds him all day long. Lana is very independent and will observe the room until it's time to eat or when she would like to cuddle. They are very good Pugs and this is a tough decision.

Lana and Westen are fostered in Rutland, Vermont and their adoption fee is $450 for the pair.

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