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UPDATE: These two are on medical hold due to additional vetting needed.

Meet Camden and Guinness, Pugs # 15-19 and 16-19

Camden and Guinness are a bonded pair of 8 year old Chugs (3/4 Pug and 1/4 Chihuahua). Due to a death in the family they have been surrendered in love. They are healthy, chubby dogs, that will benefit from some exercise and a brief weight loss diet. They have been raised with kids and are great with dogs of all sizes. We will have them evaluated by our vet and more than likely have dental's done for them both.

Camden and Guinness are well socialized and just great boys all around.

Camden and Guinness are fostered in Rexford, New York and their adoption fee is $300.


To apply for Desi and Lucy, go to the GMPR Adoption Application.

Meet Pug #27-19 Desi and Pug 28-19 Lucy

Desi and Lucy are a 10+ year old pair of bonded pugs. They were rescued from shelter in South Carolina by some great Rescue friends of ours. The shelter was going to euthanize Lucy, because she is crippled in her hind legs. Harlee's Angels Rescue took both dogs in and provided Lucy with a set of wheels. Over loaded with dogs at this time, they reached out to GMPR and helped get them transported North. Both dogs need some major vetting but are definitely adoptable.

This pair is truly bonded and must be placed together. We will consider adopting them outside our standard placement area, to the right home. Thank you to each and everyone who has helped save this sweet pair of pugs.

Lucy and Desi are currently being fostered and rehabbed in Easton, Pennsylvania. Their adoption fee is $300.


To apply for Murray, go to our Adoption Application.

Meet Murray, Pug #25-19

Murray is an 8-10 year old male pug. Murray was taken in by a Pug Loving Good Samaritan. He was living in a gas station and when she stopped in, his owner asked her to take him. Seeing the terrible shape he was in, she agreed immediately to take Murray and help him. His nails were so long, his toes have become splayed and somewhat deformed. Murray has extremely dry eyes, he is deaf and blind. In spite of this, he gets around well once he learns the lay of the land.

Murray is 100% housebroken and barks to be let out when he has to go. Murray loves to walk on the leash and be with his people. He gets around well physically and does the steps going up into the house and out. He is Lyme positive but shows no clinical signs.

Murray was seriously neglected in his past life. Murray is a bit macho, and prefers to be the only dog in the home. He much prefers contact with his humans and is a complete cuddle pug. Murray will require Cyclosporine or Tacrolimus and moisture gel for his eyes twice a day. If you are a one pug family and love the sweet Mooshy Male Pugs then please consider Murray.

Murray is fostered in Rutland, VT and his adoption fee is $150.


NOTE: We are not currently accepting new adoption applications for Chloe.

Meet Chloe, Pug #33-19

Chloe is a 12 year old female pug. She was surrendered in love due to a death in the family. Chloe is housebroken or will use wee wee pads. She is good with Cats, Dogs, and Kids. Chloe is a plus size gal and loves her nap time! Chloe will be fully vetted to include a dental.

Chloe is fostered in Balston Lake, NY and her adoption fee is $150.


Meet Buddy, Pug #35-19

Buddy is a 10 year old neutered, male pug. Buddy was surrendered because his owner passed away. Buddy is a submissive pug, who is good with Kids, Cats, and Dogs. He is Housebroken. He is very much the "Couch Pugtato" and loves a zen lifestyle. Buddy is very much overweight, so he does need to get up off that couch and get some exercise. He will need someone committed to getting him to a healthier weight, but not overdo it!! Buddy will be fully vetted, to include a dental.

Buddy is fostered in Latham, NY and his adoption fee is $150.


Please note: we are not currently accepting applications for Dingo. If you would like to donate to his medical care, click on the Donate button on the bottom of his bio.

Meet Dingo, Pug #36-19.

Dingo is approximately 8 years old, male pug mix. Dingo was found as a stray on the streets of Littleton, NH. He went to a local humane society for a few weeks but after multiple families meeting him and turning him down due to his skin, the humane society called us to see if we would take him. Of course, we accepted to help this adorable pug mix!

We donít know much about Dingoís history but he does have some acute medical issues that we are addressing with the vet. One being his skin that is being treated with meds and we are hopeful his fur will grow back.

Dingo is a sweet boy that loves to play with toys and go on walks. He needs some work on the leash but is happy to tour you around where he sees fit. He loves to snuggle on his humans lap as he chews on bones and taking naps. Dingo would be the perfect companion to take on hikes since he has so much energy to burn. He gets along with other dogs. We are not sure how he is with cats. He is housebroken and up-to-date on vaccines.

The ideal home for him would be with an active family with older kids that is around often in the home. He doesnít like to be left home alone for long but does better when other dogs are around to keep him company.

Dingo is fostered in Jericho, Vermont and his adoption fee is $150.


Meet Chester, Pug #37-19.

Chester is a 6 year old, black, disabled pug. Chester was born with locked elbow joints in both front legs. He gets around pretty well, and can go up one step, but can't navigate stairs.

Chester was trained as a therapy dog and often visited the Veteran's Hospital in Togus, ME. Ironically, this is where his owner spent his last days and passed away. Chester does have some anxiety and food aggression. He does not like to be held with his belly up in the air. He also likes to attack his bed (bedding) and hump it. Due to these issues, a home with no younger children is probably best. Chester is crate trained and prefers to be in the crate when left alone in the house. Chester gets along well with other dogs, but due to the extra attention he requires, being an only dog would be a plus. This is one of the cutest little pugs you will ever see. He weights 16 lbs, and is very healthy.

Chester is potty trained if on a very regular schedule. He doesn't let his disability slow him down at all. He can jump off of the couch and run around the house. He loves to go for long walks in his stroller and enjoys spending time outside in the grass. Chester loves to cuddle and sleep in bed with you. Chester deserves a home where someone can make him a priority and give him all the attention he deserves.

If you meet Chester, you will Fall in Love.

Chester is fostered in Rutland, VT and his adoption fee is $250.


PLEASE NOTE: We will not be accepting any new applicants for Kiki. Pre-approved applicants will have already completed their home visit and received an approval email from our adoption coordinator.

Meet Kiki, Pug #44-19

Kiki is a 2 year old fawn female pug who was surrendered when the family recognized they could not financially care for her with their growing family. They rescued Kiki two years ago from an abandoned building and have shown her nothing but love.

Kiki is healthy and will soon be up to date with vaccinations and spay. She is fearful around other dogs but great with kids (there are 4 in her former family). Kiki is housetrained and doing great in her foster home.

Kiki is fostered in Chatham, NY and her adoption fee is $350.

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