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NOTE: If you are interested in learning more about Rocco to adopt him, please submit a contact form through our website.

Meet Rocco, Pug #16-20

Rocco is a 9-10 year old Peke-a-Pug. Rocco was posted on Craigslist because he did not get along well with other dogs. Rocco needs full vetting, to include neuter and dental. He is a mellow boy and travels really well in the car. We found out he loves to fly in an airplane too! Paws for Pilots flew him to us and we got a great shot of him with his pilot buddies! He is dominant and prefers to be the only dog or with a submissive female. He loves people, we don't know about kids or cats. He poops outside and will pee, but is a manic marker.

More to come once he is settled in and vetted.

Rocco is fostered in Merrimack, NH and his adoption fee will be $200.

Peke-a-Pugs are so darn cute!!!!


Meet Gus Pug 32-20

NOTE: if you would like to inquire about Gus or learn more about applying to adopt Gus, please use the Contact Us form.

Gus is a 12 year old fawn pug mix who was surrendered due to his owner moving from uninhabitable living conditions. Gus was thin, had fleas, and had not been properly cared for his entire life. He has now been neutered, had a dental and had a large benign tumor removed. Gus isn't completely consistent with housetraining, but overall he's very manageable. Since his neutering, he has been able to empty his bladder quickly and his foster mom really only changes his belly band for sanitary purposes. He's completely fine with wearing a belly band. Gus is a sweet and loving boy with an occasional attitude so a dog savvy home is important. He does have some hind end weakness that is common with pugs his age but still gets around fine.

FROM FOSTER MOM: Gus sleeps on our bed. He just wants to be near you all the time. He plays well with the puppies and loves to wrestle with them. He races around the yard and does the porch stairs multiple times a day without much trouble. He loves the kids and foster dad, too. He's an all-around lovey pug. He will immediately roll over to allow you to rub his belly. His one quirk is that he will growl and snap at others when he's sitting with Foster Dad. When Foster Dad gets up and moves to the other end of the couch, then Gus is just fine with anyone approaching him. He'll also growl when he disagrees with you, like when I pick him up from the porch stairs to make him pee a little more than what he just did. I'll pick him up and he'll grrrrrr at me but I just put him down and say "noooo, you go pee" and he'll reluctantly march off and do what he's told. In those instances, I don't feel that he'd bite. He's just being a grumpy old man.

Gus is fostered in South Pomfret, VT and his adoption fee is $200.


NOTE: If you are interested in applying for Tonto, click Contact us on our page to submit your inquiry and we will provide you next steps.

Meet Tonto Pug 33-20

Tonto is an 11-13 year old fawn male who was surrendered due to a move. Tonto has been neutered and had a full dental. He continues to mark in the house and wears a belly band. He has arthritis in his hips and right knee and will need arthritis medication. Tonto is currently living with Rocco, pug 16-20, with no issues. Tonto would not be good for young children. He does not tolerate handling for treatments and needs to be sedated for veterinary visits. When allowed to be himself, he is a great boy according to his foster mom.

Tonto is fostered in Merrimack, NH and his adoption fee is $200.


Meet Trixie, Pug #2-21

We want to introduce you to a special senior lady – Trixie. Trixie is 15 years old and came to us through a local Police Department. Trixie belonged to a homeless owner and we believe she spent many years living in a shopping cart. Trixie did not have access to veterinary care or medicines. Her eyes have suffered from years of neglect and she has shadow vision at best. Trixie has ear infections and skin infections as well. She is being treated for these issues before we consider a spay and dental. A diet of healthy dog food and consistent eye care are having a wonderful impact on Trixie’s health. She is a happy and loving girl. Trixie needs someone who is home with her, and if taken outside frequently, she is housetrained. She is currently living comfortably in her foster family’s grumble.

Trixie is currently fostered in Colchester, Vermont and her adoption fee is $200.

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