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Introducing Iggy-One pug puppy’s rescue journey......

2/8-Iggy’s first day in GMPR foster care

Iggy was born September 8, 2019. When Iggy was several months old he was sold to a pet store in Florida. During his time at the pet store, Iggy was having seizures and exhibiting neurological abnormalities. GMPR was told that Iggy saw a veterinarian while in Florida and a neurological exam was recommended, but not followed through on. At this point, a local rescue stepped in and Iggy was surrendered and transported to a veterinary clinic in Ohio. Fortunately for Iggy and GMPR, GMPR’s participates with the Puppy Mill Rescue Team (PMRT). PMRT works with a number of veterinary clinics in Ohio, triaging puppy mill dog surrenders to participating rescues. One of the PMRT’s participating veterinary clinics called GMPR and asked for help, Iggy needed to be rescued by a dedicated, experienced rescue and GMPR was happy to step up and take him.

2/12-Iggy settling into his foster home and crowding in on his foster sister

4/7-Iggy loves to go on walks. Here he is surrounded by leashes and wondering what the hold up is-Lets Go Already!

Iggy came into GMPR as a foster on 2/8. Since he came into GMPR, Iggy has has a full veterinary examination including blood work and seen a veterinary neurologist for evaluation, medication management and discussion of treatment options. Iggy’s initial diagnosis Is myoclonic focal seizures. Iggy’s seizures have continued, 2 different types of meds given 3 times a day have helped keep the seizures contained and mostly manageable. As breakthrough seizures have occurred, his medication has been increased. Based on his primary veterinarian and neurologist recommendations, GMPR has scheduled Iggy for an MRI. We want him to have every opportunity for a happy and healthy life and hope that narrowing down what is causing the seizures can help with his treatment.

5/13-Iggy being a couch pugtatoe with foster brothers Rupert and Bubbie

It takes a village-GMPR is asking for your contribution to help with Iggy’s medical expenses. His MRI is estimated to cost between $3,800 and $4,200. We know that it is a difficult time to be reaching out, however a rescues expenses don’t decrease regardless of world events. We are dedicated to helping Iggy and other pugs like him who have special medical or behavioral issues. Thank you for your consideration and supporting GMPR to do what our mission is - Saving One Pug At A Time!


Note: we are currently not accepting new applications at this time due to COVID and we have a long wait list of approved applicants. Approved applicants will have an active adoption application on file, have completed their home visit and have received an approval for our adoption coordinator.

Meet Rocco, Pug #16-20

Rocco is a 9-10 year old Peke-a-Pug. Rocco was posted on Craigslist because he did not get along well with other dogs. Rocco needs full vetting, to include neuter and dental. He is a mellow boy and travels really well in the car. We found out he loves to fly in an airplane too! Paws for Pilots flew him to us and we got a great shot of him with his pilot buddies! He is dominant and prefers to be the only dog or with a submissive female. He loves people, we don't know about kids or cats. He poops outside and will pee, but is a manic marker.

More to come once he is settled in and vetted.

Rocco is fostered in Merrimack, NH and his adoption fee will be $150.

Peke-a-Pugs are so darn cute!!!!


Meet Cheyenne, Pug #14-20

Cheyenne is a 9 year old female fawn pug. Cheyenne was surrendered with Buddy Pug 13-20 to a local animal shelter with several other dogs when her owner was encouraged to relinquish them. Cheyenne came in with an infection in her foot, most likely from an old injury that was not treated. Xrays indicate that she has bone loss due to the long term infection and her foot looks like it has been crushed. Her foot drags when she walks and she will need a protective boot to keep from rubbing the skin off if she is not on a soft surface. Cheyenne also has hip dysplasia in both hips and a narrowing of her spine which causes some difficulties with elimination. She is on medication for excessive urination and that has improved greatly. Cheyenne has had a dental and her vaccinations. She came in with Buddy, and although they are not a “bonded” pair, she seeks him out and should have another pug for company in her new home. Even with all she has been through, Cheyenne remains a sweet soul who deserves a forever home.

Cheyenne is currently fostered in Ogdensburg, NY and will not be available for adoption until her Medical Hold is lifted.


Meet Buddy, Pug #13-20

Buddy is said to be a 7-8 year old neutered male pug although he may be older. Buddy was surrendered to a local animal shelter with several other dogs when his owner was encouraged to relinquish them. He had severe dental disease and has had his remaining teeth removed. Buddy has cataracts that allow him to partially see during the day but he is mostly blind at night. It appears that he might be deaf or hard of hearing, but otherwise appears healthy. Buddy is housetrained and gets along with other dogs. He came in with Cheyenne, pug #14-20 and although they are not a “bonded” pair, they spend most of their time together.

Buddy is fostered in Ogdensburg, New York and his adoption fee is $150.


Meet FiFi Pug #20-18

FiFi is an 8 year old retired breeder pug from Maryland. She is a total sweetheart and has been vetted. She had a mast cell tumor on her hind leg that has been removed. It was a low grade two and removed with very clean margins. No further treatment, just need to be aware of any lumps or bumps that appear. She is fully housebroken and gets along well in all situations. Fifi is looking for a pug loving home where she can be the total velcro pug and get lots of love.

FiFi is fostered in Rexford, New York and her adoption fee is $150.


Meet Peeps, Pug #20-19

Peeps is a 6 year old black male pug. He is a retired stud dog and a total sweetheart. I mean look at that face!! He is a large, sturdy boy! Peeps came to us from Virginia and was released from his breeder. He loves to follow his foster mom like a little shadow. Even though he is 6, he still acts like a puppy. He does not know the meaning of personal space but what pug does?

Peeps will need to have a strong training structure to help him with his house training and manners. He will need time and patience from his forever family while he is learning. He gets along well with other dogs and kids. We don't know how he is with cats. He is timid at first when meeting new people but warms up quickly. Due to his bulky build, he is uncomfortable being picked up.

Peeps needs to be vetted and neutered prior to adoption.

Peeps is fostered in Pattersonville, New York and his adoption fee is $250.


NOTE: CeCe is available only to applicants that has completed their home visits and received an approval email from our Adoption Coordinator.

Meet CeCe, Pug #20-20

CeCe is a 7-8 year old female Puggle (pug/beagle). GMPR was notified of this pug mix needing rescuing through a Facebook post. She was surrendered because her owners were suffering from Alzheimer disease and could no longer take care of her.

CeCe is a sweet girl but can be nervous at first with new people. She still needs to be vetted and will likely need a dental. Stay tuned for more details as she settles in her foster home.

CeCe is fostered in Schenectady, New York and her adoption fee is $150.


NOTE: Due to COVID, we are not accepting new applications at this time. Pre-approved adopters will have completed their home visit and received an email approval from our adoption coordinator.

Meet Cody, Pug #23-20

Cody is a 15 week old , Jug (Jack Russell/Pug mix). He was born on 4/19/2020. Cody has been neutered and vetted and is anxiously awaiting his new forever home. Cody is a very typical puppy, with high energy, and will require a home with puppy patience and experience. In his foster home, he is learning basic potty training, and is starting to get the idea. Remember patience! He loves to chew and will need structure and appropriate chew items. Cody is a very smart pup, and so very loving! He is doing very well with his leash/walking training. An energetic dog/puppy savvy family, with lots of time to spend with him is what he needs.

Cody is fostered in Sanford, ME and his adoption fee is $350.


NOTE: Due to COVID, we are currently not accepting new applications at this time. Pre-approved applicants will have completed their home visit and received an approval email from our Adoption Coordinator.

Meet Pug #22-20, Jack

Jack is a 6-8-month-old Jug (Pug/Jack Russell) puppy. Jack was surrendered because he was too active for the older dog in the home. Jack is high energy and has difficulty focusing. Much more Jack Russell personality than Pug. Jack is very sweet and loving. He loves to give kisses to his humans and enjoys lots of belly rubs! He will need lots of patience with housebreaking. So far, he doesn't have much of a clue. Jack will require a dog savvy home, with someone dedicated to his training and behavior. Jack is very smart and has lots of potential to become a great dog. Dogs like Jack need a job to do to keep them out of mischief. He may be great at Agility once he learns his puppy manners. Jack is neutered and fully vetted.

Jack is fostered in West Rutland, and his adoption fee is $350.

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