A Welcome Message by GMPR

After taking a restful nap, The Twisted Tail has returned and wagging like ever as the official E-newsletter from the Green Mountain Pug Rescue (GMPR) providing you educational, seasonal, and fun topics in how to care and spoil all pugs of every shape and size! This summer’s edition is pug-packed full of information from how to battle ticks to how to keep your four-legged curly tailed friend cool, comfortable and full of delicious goodies.

We would also like to introduce our recently rescued alumni, Munchkin, who’s whipping up some treats in the kitchen and answering your questions about his brachycephalic breed for every edition!

We hope you enjoy and please let us know of any future topics you would like to see published in an upcoming edition. Please email your ideas to kelli.rothenberger@gmail.com or visit below.

The Twisted Tale Summer 2017 Edition
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